If you are interested in becoming a member then you can join the Warrington Sports Club Archery Society. Membership is required if you would like to shoot with us. The fee currently stands at £148 per year per adult (which includes the ArcheryGB Fee), £54 for students and £48 for under 16’s. The fee is payable in advance.
Our courses are 4 weeks long and cost £50 each
The course covers safety procedures, stance and technique. We cover bow stringing, setting up of targets, arrow building and bow care.
There is lots of shooting practice with trainers on hand for guidance and a little fun with balloons.
All equipment is provided but as we shoot outdoors only we recommend waterproof footwear as essential and layered clothing to suit the time of year.
We cater for any age, from 6 -7 years and are happy to let youngsters try our lightest bows before signing up for a course but we do expect parental commitment.
On completing the four week course and you want to continue shooting with us you will have to join Warrington sports club. See this years fees above.